I am told I don't have enough milk, so I can’t Breast Feed?

Most women can breast feed as much as they want to, there is always enough. It does take time, most books say milk comes in 3 days; I tend to say 5 days. But it is medically safe for babies to wait that long. Weight loss (10%) and Jaundice (15mg/dl) are common and will improve as soon as mum’s milk arrives. There are not many good medical reasons to add formula. But I 100% say 100% of the time, every mother in my clinic could exclusively 100% breast feed her baby, and my whole clinic is behind you.

Every time my child has a 39.5 degrees fever, I worry so much?

There is a common belief that high fever causes damage. It is not true. High fever, no matter how high, 40, 41, does not cause brain damage under normal circumstances. Fever is the body’s reaction to an infection. As long as we are very clear about the underlying cause of the fever. I do not recommend cool bathing, as it can sometimes make the fever worse. Just simple paracetamol or ibuprofen (normally I prescribe just one) is all is needed. I do not believe in admitting children into hospital because of fever as an emergency. In fact I never do.

My 2 year old is coughing every month, does he have asthma?

No. A simple NO. Studies have shown that children catch something once a month. Often they will cough because they caught respiratory viruses. Even if they wheeze a lot, it does not equal asthma. Because some viruses can also cause wheeze. In fact two landmark studies came out in 2006 that regular medications do not reduce the risk of asthma. So my philosophy is to use as little as possible and watch children grow out of their wheezy chests. Even inhalers I hardly prescribe in the past ten years, which I myself find surprising.

I am not giving my child the MMR because it causes Autism?

MMR does not cause autism. The best study comes from Denmark where they look at half a million children, 80% had MMR, 20% did not; the incidence of autism in these two groups of children were the same (in fact less in the MMR group). Much has been written about the original researcher who started the scare. His medical license was revoked in the UK. In general, I believe vaccination is the safest and most effective way to protect our children (after breast feeding naturally).

My baby girl has eczema since birth, she is 9 months old, and never got better?

Eczema in babyhood is common and easy to manage. There are cases that are more difficult. The most important message is: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. When asked how many times, I often replied 100 x a day. This is the message that somehow is not getting through, to parents, even from dermatologists. Judicious use of topical steroid to gain control of the flare up is important. Antibiotic, antihistamine, allergy avoidance, even bleach bath each has a role. But generally it is not difficult to treat. Also a lot of children grow out of it.